Plant Hunter 2


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It`s been awhile. This project is not actually finished yet but it has reached a sort of a mile stone in that all the flowers are done. Each image in `Plant Hunter 2` is a combination of 26 photographs of  various flowers in alphabetical order (apart from one which is out of synch for aesthetic reasons) taken over a period of two weeks exploring the decay of each single flower.There are six mandalas, each two days apart. There are a 156 images which were taken over 52 weeks spanning a year and a half. Phew, it`s taken awhile and as I said it`s not finished yet as I have to add corresponding bugs and butterflies according to colour and associations, Such as Bees strongly associated with life and Flies death, for example.

It is Oscars last day at school before his summer holiday so I think things are going to slow down dramatically work wise for me over the next 6 weeks, so wish me luck I may go crazy!