Slaughterhouse Point and Slayhill Marshes

slaughterhouse point web

It was hard to pin point Slaughterhouse Point from the many marshy islands and inlets but I think I managed to point my camera in the right direction in the end!! It`s difficult finding an interesting shot while documenting a place. The landscape I found myself in was strange and beautiful in it`s own way but not necessarily easy to translate in a shot. The use of long exposure flattens and alienates the images which I think somehow encompasses the feeling these places inspire in me. Slaughterhouse Point was so named because it`s thought the Romans slaughtered animals as a sacrifice to the sea gods there. There was a battle, possibly, on the Slayhill Marshes not far away before the marshes were formed. I`m not sure if I want the images to reflect their past or not I think i`m searching for a small echo of their history maybe.slayhill marshes web