Blood Point

Blood Point, the tenth image. This border is made up of a viking pattern made of stone specimens, a swans eye, human eye, snake in a jar (from the Horniman) a swans feather,… Continue reading

Deadmans Point

I forgot to write about Deadmans Point. There is supposedly a Roman Burial ground here so the border is heavily Roman. There is a mosaic pattern border, a Roman scallop shell brooch ,… Continue reading

Burial Ground Lane

    This page is quite colourful. It is about a burial ground so I have surrounded it with flowers, plastic and silk flowers left on memorial benches in Minster, a dying bouquet… Continue reading

Page 8 Lucifers Bridge

Awaiting Twilight Upon Lucifer Bridge Slowly the river flowss Steadily moving forwards Towards unknown destinations And expectations. Fish of Dagon cause ripples Which induce disturbances Like those of my mind As I first… Continue reading

Deadmans Bay Page 6

Mothers day involved visiting Canvey Island. It was cold, more snow forecast and I was sure it was going to be uninspiring and built up. I wanted to document Deadmans Bay known today… Continue reading

Bedlams Bottom Page 5

“Bedlam was bedlam. A muffled eerie place of confusion and strange forbidding heavy suspicion, underscored with lines of Thames barges rotting in the green murky ooze. There were policemen, game wardens and irate… Continue reading

Page 4 Slayhill Marshes

  “The estuaries of rivers appeal strongly to an adventurous imagination. This appeal is not always a charm, for there are estuaries of a particularly dispiriting ugliness: lowlands, mudflats, or perhaps barren sandhills… Continue reading

Slaughterhouse Point Page 3

It was hard to pin point Slaughterhouse Point from the many marshy islands and inlets but I think I managed to point my camera in the right direction in the end. It is… Continue reading

Horrid Hill Page 2

  `The marshes were just a long black horizontal line then, as I stopped to look after him; and the river was just another horizontal line, not nearly so broad nor yet so… Continue reading

Deadmans Island revisited

  I have started a new, very long term, project! It involves a series I did 4 years ago called Namesake. I am hopefully going to compile a book of reworked images from… Continue reading