Butterfly farm Shrew



Hooray I finished the shrew for the up coming Art Market. This tiny little creature was found on a lawn near a butterfly farm. The shrew never stops apparently and runs itself to death. It seemed appropriate for the butterflies to take him for some hard earned rest.

The edges are made up of (obviously) butterflies, wood louse, millipede, slugs and snails, all things from a Shrew’s diet(they eat butterfly pupae too)

I have been very much out of the loop for the last 6 weeks, I have not submitted to anything (apart from one competition run by a group called Elbow Room) In fact I have not submitted to much at all recently since the ordeal of the search for gallery representation, I feel a bit battered and bruised and it might have been better to have been ignored rather than the continual cycle of picking me up then throwing me down. It has left me disillusioned with the integrity of the Art world to be honest but who am I to say.