Gallows Field


It has been well over a year since my last Namesake photograph but suddenly I have a new interest in the series. I thought it was finished but looking back at the work I see there is so much more that can be done, not just new images but editing and reworking of the old images. I am setting myself the target of about 40 photographs (enough for a book?) and the re editing of some of those already in the series. I have become much more discerning in what I find acceptable in an image (technically that is) since I began Namesake. I am excited at the prospect of making the series the best that I can.

Gallows Field is on the edge of Sandwich. A scrap of wasteland with iron railings and a padlocked gate with a small deep stream called the Guestling running along one edge. There is a sign telling you the horrible things that took place on this small scrap of land hangings, burnings, drownings (witches in the Guestling) and people buried alive.

The scene strikes me as odd, no one has ever built there or seemingly done anything there, it is simply left. The ground is sacred, protected in memory of the things that took place there. The history is burned in to the very ground and I am sure nothing will ever be built there.