Where it all Started


This image is more or less where it all started. It was one of the first I took with a digital camera, previously it had always been analogue. I could go into the whole analogue verse digital thing but i`m not going to, suffice is to say i`m a digital girl something to do with my age probably.

This image was taken in Scotland, I can`t remember precisely where but that`s not important for the sake of this post. It`s important because it`s the first photograph I took that I thought perhaps other people might like. I had never really considered before how anyone beyond my family would look at my photographs. Scotland was so beautiful it was sort of hard not to take a good picture. It`s not a perfect shot, shooting into the sun etc, but even when I look at it today I still like it. I like the feeling, the composition and even the flare of the sun.