Dead Pigeons and acurator


One of my cats killed a pigeon today. It was snowing and when I looked at the body it looked strangely beautiful and poignant so I took a picture of it! The first picture I have taken for awhile since i`ve been ill was of a dead pigeon, what does that say about me?

Everything is going great at the moment i`m being published in an online magazine, a print magazine and Interlope have been asked to do a talk for the Brighton Fringe about our work!  The jewel in the crown though is that I am going to be featured on the acurator Blog with my project about dark histories. It is amazing but i`m a little bit scared Julie Grahame is pretty amazing and accomplished and i`m at a loss as to why she likes my stuff above all the other stuff she must get.  I`m not being modest or anything just a bit star struck! acurator was voted one of the best photography Blogs in the world by Life Magazine and my little old project is going to be on it, seems incredible to me what if everyone hates it? Curators from across the world look at acurator makes me feel a bit sick ha ha! We shall see I suppose this is what it`s all about being legitimate and people liking your work .

It somehow seems to be happening quite fast which is good I suppose but feeling like a bit of a fraud I really do know nothing!!