What better way to spend a wet and windy day than revisiting and reworking. I decided that I was just not happy with some of my images in Kit and Caboodle, in particular… Continue reading

Pret A Manger in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Interesting days work today! I`ve experimented with recreating a Giuseppe Arcimboldo look-a-like image using the things I found from Pret A Manger as part of my Fast Life project. I`m not sure the tones… Continue reading

Plant Hunter

The final image from Plant Hunter. Here is the project in full

X for x fatshedera lizei

  Well here it is the last Plant hunter I never thought I would actually get here but here I am! I`m quite proud of this project it has taken a year and… Continue reading

D for Daisy

Technically I already have a D but I just could`nt find a N this time of year so i`m moving my Daffodil to Narcissus (cheating a bit I know but I have to finish… Continue reading

U for Urn plant

This is a simple image I did`nt want to kill my Urn plant so I only took one petal of the complete flower. Creeping ever closer only 2 to go. I have photographed… Continue reading

Messing Around

I actually quite like this messing around. I have no idea how I would ever use it but still quite like it haha

Plant Hunter Experiments

Experimenting with positioning of the flowers in Plant Hunter… I`m undecided, anyone have a preference?

Y for Yarrow

3 to go…

K for Kalanchoe

Here`s my K as it`s a succulent it did`nt break down much but it moved a lot! 4 to go…