Messing Around

I actually quite like this messing around. I have no idea how I would ever use it but still quite like it haha Advertisements

Plant Hunter Experiments

Experimenting with positioning of the flowers in Plant Hunter… I`m undecided, anyone have a preference?

Y for Yarrow

3 to go…

K for Kalanchoe

Here`s my K as it`s a succulent it did`nt break down much but it moved a lot! 4 to go…

Working on Plant Hunter

Working hard on Plant Hunter today. I printed each image because I have found it quite constricting working purely in Photoshop. I like the physicality of moving them around by hand it is… Continue reading

Z for Zinnia

Well here it is, my Zinnia as part of Plant Hunter! I think it worked out quite well. I had to work fast with this flower though, it shrivelled very quickly. I took… Continue reading

My Zinnia

Not quite what I normally post but it has taken such a long time for my Zinnia to flower I felt had to document it before I cut it off!

Plant Hunter so Far…

Just seeing how they work together…after over a year (project was begun September 2013)

E for Echinacea

I am intent on finishing Plant Hunter. It has come to trying to grow certain flowers myself! Problem is my garden is very shady and to be honest I am not great with… Continue reading

W for Wild Garlic

Well it has been sometime since I have worked on Plant hunter. ┬áThis image of the Wild Garlic was half finished for over 6 months but i`m returning to the project determined to… Continue reading