Norfolk Deer

Yay I have finally finished another animal in the series that I am happy with! The Badger is just not working at the moment and it still needs a lot of work to… Continue reading

Have no name for this one yet…

Half way through my new fishy Kit and Caboodle I got side tracked. I put a Kingfishers head on another birds body (no idea what bird, terrible I know but I will find… Continue reading

Of the Air

This is the latest image in Kit and Caboodle and I think it has taken the longest to produce because of all that painstaking detail!

Poison Cross

Poison Cross is a fairly uninspiring place to be honest. This puddle is about the most interesting thing I could find to photograph. It is a shame because there is a plethora of… Continue reading

Looking at Namesake

Looking at Namesake.

Gallows Field

Gallows Field is on the edge of Sandwich. A scrap of wasteland with iron railings and a padlocked gate with a small deep stream called the Guestling running along one edge. There is… Continue reading

New Landscapes

I went looking for snow for my Everything is Still series but there was very little, there was however a wonderful mist…

Natura Morta

`Natura Morta` is the image I have made for the Bentlif Art Prize. It is a combination of images I have taken of animals I have come across over the years, apart from… Continue reading

Things found in the sea…

This is by far the most intricate image I have ever made! It is part of my continuing series that was called Kit and Caboodle but which I have now renamed Memories, Dreams… Continue reading

Taxidermy birds

A reworking of the taxidermy birds from the Beaney in Canterbury. I find myself making more and more intricate responses to my project Kit and Caboodle. I am now considering entering this picture… Continue reading