This maybe my most intricate work to date and I have always wanted to do a reliquary. The centre of this piece is a little hummingbird found at the Oxford Natural History museum. The reason… Continue reading

A 1000 bugs (and 1 blue butterfly)

This is the fourth image from the Quickening. The flowers are plastic sprays used by the Oxford Natural History museum to show some of the bugs in a more natural environment (the whole… Continue reading

The Quickening

`Only in death do most animals pause long enough for our analytical minds to torture some truths out of them` – Stephen Asma, Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads Taxidermy and photography both allow… Continue reading

Little tiny Kit and Caboodle

  I have been quietly working away at my new series. I`m turning things on their heads and going teeny tiny with this little set of works. I`m intending to make 10 (perhaps more)… Continue reading

A profusion of colour

It has been a busy time recently. With my first solo show and The New Immortals exhibition in the Phoenix. It has been nice however to get back to some work. I started… Continue reading

Dog with a Bone

    Somehow I keep returning to revisit work I`ve done before. Taxidermy birds Take 1,2 and 3 I`m sure at some point I  will return again. I`ve already done 2 images of… Continue reading

New Work and Solo Show

Well I have some exciting and wholly expected news, my first solo show! The wonderful Gilbert and Clark at Below 65 Gallery have offered me their gallery space as a guest artist, there… Continue reading


A new direction for me that actually goes back to where Kit and Caboodle started. I have so many images of bugs, butterflies and birds from various museums that I just had to experiment… Continue reading

Kit and Caboodle

It been awhile. My daughter was unfortunately very ill and in hospital for three weeks and I stayed with her most of the time apart from when she was in intensive care (my… Continue reading

A rug of bugs

A new direction for me and a simple premise, inspired by a Persian rug. Ladybird hell… I did not make it to the Zealous finalists. I was a bit sad but then I thought the… Continue reading