Happy Christmas

  Happy Christmas everyone. Here is my festive offering. This little robin was brought to me in the mouth of my cat, at first I thought he had killed it but on closer… Continue reading


I found these sprats on a beach in Wales. Instead of arranging them in photoshop I decided to do it in situ. It is rare to come across such a large mass death of… Continue reading

In a funk…

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, disembodied taxidermy dog heads and three legged chicks. I made this piece quite awhile ago but I put it aside unfinished (sometimes this does happen I… Continue reading

May Bug

Last image made for the Art Market. Worked on in snatched moments here and there (when Oscars happy) A beautiful May Bug found in a tent, I didn’t realise they were quite so… Continue reading

Little Bee and lovely news

Here is a new Bee found in the garden surrounded by real flowers, memorial flowers and sprigs of plastic flowers from Oxford natural history museum. Work is going to slow down drastically as… Continue reading

Teeny Tiny Kit and Caboodle

6 little 15cm squared bug Kit and Caboodles. Only 4 more to make for the Art Market. Scrabbling to get them finished before the summer holidays when work slows down dramatically!!


This maybe my most intricate work to date and I have always wanted to do a reliquary. The centre of this piece is a little hummingbird found at the Oxford Natural History museum. The reason… Continue reading

A 1000 bugs (and 1 blue butterfly)

This is the fourth image from the Quickening. The flowers are plastic sprays used by the Oxford Natural History museum to show some of the bugs in a more natural environment (the whole… Continue reading

The Quickening

`Only in death do most animals pause long enough for our analytical minds to torture some truths out of them` – Stephen Asma, Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads Taxidermy and photography both allow… Continue reading

Little tiny Kit and Caboodle

  I have been quietly working away at my new series. I`m turning things on their heads and going teeny tiny with this little set of works. I`m intending to make 10 (perhaps more)… Continue reading