Slaughterhouse Point and Slayhill Marshes

It was hard to pin point Slaughterhouse Point from the many marshy islands and inlets but I think I managed to point my camera in the right direction in the end!! It`s difficult… Continue reading

Large Format Rorschach

This Rorschach tree was taken with a large format camera print size is 100 cms square, below is an image of it exhibited in Lucy Bell`s Gallery in St Leonards on Sea.

Snow Series

The snow series is also an ongoing project which I have undertaken for a number of years. I try to explore the harsh shadowless snowy landscape and it`s cleansing nakedness on the environment.


The Rorschach series of work are inspired by the unconscious. I feel the Rorschach`s are a mirror not of the outside of the body but of the inside and their symmetrical patterns can… Continue reading



Long Exposure practice graced by a rainbow.

Horrid Hill

Deadman`s island is the site of a mass grave, prisoners were kept in Hulks on the Thames estuary and when they died they were buried on Deadman`s Island. The bones of Napoleonic prisoners… Continue reading

Deadman`s Island

It all started when experimenting with daylight long exposures, I could`nt afford an ND filter of a high enough number so decided to experiment with Welding glass at the cost of £2.50! The… Continue reading