Summer Wind and Winter Tree

New tree answering to the exhibition theme of transition. This image is a compilation of seasons and brings the in between together! It is for an exhibition in April and will feature in… Continue reading

Deadmans Bay and Deadmans Point

Mothers day involved visiting Canvey Island. It was cold, more snow forecast and I was sure it was going to be uninspiring and built up. I wanted to document Deadman`s Bay known today… Continue reading

Scars Elbow

Scars Elbow is close to Deadman`s Bay but I don`t know the origins of the name as yet but I thought i`d take some shots as I was there!

Mirror of the Sea

The estuaries of rivers appeal strongly to an adventurous imagination. This appeal is not always a charm, for there are estuaries of a particularly dispiriting ugliness: lowlands, mudflats, or perhaps barren sandhills without… Continue reading

Lucifer Bridge

Awaiting Twilight Upon Lucifer Bridge Slowly the river flows Steadily moving forwards Towards unknown destinations And expectations. Fish of┬áDagon┬ácause ripples Which induce disturbances Like those of my mind As I first look up… Continue reading

Echo (working title)

The series so far just to see if they work well together or not!

Slaughterhouse Point and Slayhill Marshes

It was hard to pin point Slaughterhouse Point from the many marshy islands and inlets but I think I managed to point my camera in the right direction in the end!! It`s difficult… Continue reading

Large Format Rorschach

This Rorschach tree was taken with a large format camera print size is 100 cms square, below is an image of it exhibited in Lucy Bell`s Gallery in St Leonards on Sea.

Snow Series

The snow series is also an ongoing project which I have undertaken for a number of years. I try to explore the harsh shadowless snowy landscape and it`s cleansing nakedness on the environment.


The Rorschach series of work are inspired by the unconscious. I feel the Rorschach`s are a mirror not of the outside of the body but of the inside and their symmetrical patterns can… Continue reading