Portraits for a change!

I don`t do portraits much  most of my images are empty of people or only have tiny figures of  in the distance. I realised I have`nt actually put any pictures of my family… Continue reading

The Rolling Fields of Kent

  Number 2 in my mini retrospective an image of some fields near Dover, an archetypal image. Another photograph I have always liked with it`s shadows and little fluffy clouds. Not much else to say… Continue reading

Where it all Started

This image is more or less where it all started. It was one of the first I took with a digital camera, previously it had always been analogue. I could go into the… Continue reading

Dead Pigeons and acurator

One of my cats killed a pigeon today. It was snowing and when I looked at the body it looked strangely beautiful and poignant so I took a picture of it! The first… Continue reading

What am I going to do now?

O.k while taking the last photograph on my blog of the river I think I caught Weils Disease. I have`nt been able to move in fact i`m not sure i`ve ever felt so… Continue reading

Down by the River

Took a walk by the river today was quite pleased with this shot even with the colour casts! Love the play of the shadows on the water. It has started me thinking about… Continue reading

Lucifer Bridge to Scars Elbow

I`m exploring the idea of the composite landscape. This is a mixture of Scars Elbow and Lucifer Bridge I like the emptiness and the feeling of the void but does it say what… Continue reading

From Deadmans Island in bw

Slayhill Marshes Gallows Hill Deadmans Island Scars Elbow Deadmans Bay Horrid Hill Lucifer Bridge Deadmans Point Slaughterhouse Point Malice Wood

Malice Wood and Deadman Wood

Malice Wood and Deadman Wood were a bit of a wash out to be honest! I am going to return and spend some more time in both spots as I have yet to… Continue reading

Gallows Hill

The weather was appalling but as I only have small windows of opportunity to shoot I had to try visiting three locations. Malice Wood, Gallows Hill and Deadman Wood. Gallows hill was the… Continue reading