Wunderkammer 2


Struggling to know what to do. This is my newest work for my series Wunderkammen. It is a shell extravanganza all collected from various natural history museums. There are model fish, taxidermy fish and fish found washed up on a beach, swimming through a coloured glass andΒ  tin foil (found on a beach) seahorse laden sea. Taxerdermy fish eyes and a fabulous star fish filled sky all tussle around the central shell tree, sprounting from a lapis lazuli pot. All inspired by a persian carpet.

The struggle I have is that i`m not sure if it is finished. I have begun an intricate outer border here…


but this is killing me it is so time consuming I am finding myself wanting to do anything else but place the patterns, I think it is just too much! I will probably revisit it slowly over time, bit by bit but for now I have to stop. I`m moving on before I go completely mad πŸ™‚