Wunderkammer Squirrel


This is the first piece in a new series called Wunderkammer, the original word for the curiosity cabinet. I have so many images and objects that I have collected over time that constructing my own 2d cabinet seems an obvious direction to take. Each piece will be boxed framed with no mount and of various sizes.

This work is based on a Persian carpet design and is therefore wibbly wobbly and not perfect. Digital art can be very precise and I have found myself in the past becoming very uniform. In this I am trying to escape that and give a more handmade appearance as it is very much a handmade object regardless of its computer origins. It has taken over a month and a half to complete and is my most time consuming piece of work to date!

I chose a rather beautiful Albino squirrel to start. It belongs to Maidstone Museum`s collection. I have noticed that most museums that have taxidermy specimens have the ubiquitous albino squirrel. I feel a bit sorry for them, it seems you life was pretty short lived if you had the misfortune to be born an albino squirrel!

You may also notice it is not a circle although obviously there is a circle within the composition. I am leaving the circle behind for now, I need something new to explore and filling the space to the edges is interesting to me as it leaves the viewer no respite or room to breath, the eye darts from object to object then back on itself.