Happy Christmas




Happy Christmas everyone. Here is my festive offering. This little robin was brought to me in the mouth of my cat, at first I thought he had killed it but on closer inspection the robin was very stiff and had probably been dead for awhile. So I am hoping he lay down to rest and passed away.

I cried quite a lot over this little robin, he used to sit next to me when I gardened and ate the worms as I dug the ground, he was always a cheery blast of colour on a winters day. I have never cried over one of my animals before, I have been saddened but never actual tears.

There is obvious symbolism in the image such as the nativity and the use of replica robins. I have also made connections with my other work by incorporating the little plastic deer. The white flower symbolises snow or purity, the splashes of red, blood and the robins chest.

I have struggling recently with motivation, as Christmas is an easy time to be side tracked by a myriad of other things but this little robin is and was important to me and forced me to carry on and re-evaluate where my work is going.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and pause and smile if you see a robin, they are the most beautiful bird in your winter garden.