In a funk…


This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, disembodied taxidermy dog heads and three legged chicks. I made this piece quite awhile ago but I put it aside unfinished (sometimes this does happen I have quite a few images unfinished) I had or perhaps still have doubts about this work but I’m not exactly sure why.

Over the summer holidays I was unable to make any work because of Oscar( my eyes where too tired to do the precision work at night) I was really excited at the prospect of beginning again but when I actually sat down to start, I really struggled. I have a beautiful magpie to work on and a baby bunny but I just found myself dithering around and not really achieving anything.

That is why I took another look at the image above, as well as other unfinished work. I still feel in a funk but I have a glimmer of an idea possibly now and what I am trying to say in a really round about way is that it is good to look back sometimes to move forward (sorry bit trite but true 🙂