Little tiny Kit and Caboodle




I have been quietly working away at my new series. I`m turning things on their heads and going teeny tiny with this little set of works. I`m intending to make 10 (perhaps more) and each depicts a little insect I have found dead for example on a windowsill or a pavement. They are little reliquaries, a shrine so to speak to the little bugs that are over looked.

I am using semi precious stones, vintage insect jewellery, insects from museums and natural objects to produce a feeling of opulence and jewel encrustation. Each circle is 10cms across and overall 15cms across, so very small. I am quite excited to see how these turn out and how much of the detail can actually be seen at this size ( a magnifying glass maybe needed 🙂

These are the first two, a fly I found on my windowsill and a bee found on the pavement. I am starting on a poor ladybird also found on a pavement next. I also have two beetles, a moth and a spider (that both drowned in the bath) and a red admiral butterfly to do after that 🙂