Kit and Caboodle

gordi1-Recovered copysmall

It been awhile. My daughter was unfortunately very ill and in hospital for three weeks and I stayed with her most of the time apart from when she was in intensive care (my husband took over then as I was pretty much destroyed) The whole situation left little room in my mind for work. Thankfully my daughter is now well on the way to recovery and I can pick up the artistic ball which I well and truly dropped over the last 2 months.

This image was half completed when my daughter became ill. Going back to it after two months, with everything that had happened was a very strange experience. It felt overwhelming and almost irrelevant but once I began again it came flooding back how much I actually need my work, it helped me and I found a focus again. Strangely my experiences have leant this image a religious undertone.

Gordi was my friends pet chicken, the only domesticated animal in the Kit and Caboodle series. The original idea was to surround Gordi with man made jewelled bugs, feathers and flowers to reflect the man made nature of the chicken we know today (in respect to breeding for larger eggs, more docile, etc) In the interim I saw a program on relics and the reliquary, such beautiful objects with the strange juxtaposition of bones, hair and even an eye. It began me thinking of the threads between my work and the reliquary and I wanted to push it further by making direct reference to actual semi precious stones and Lapis Lazuli. Lapis was the colour of choice when first discovered, the artists of the day used it to represent religious imagery. It is a beautiful deep blue and the speckles of gold in the actual gem look like the stars in the sky.

I am not religious myself but my recent experience has brought perhaps the realisation as to why some need the strength they see as coming from God. This is the last image in Kit and caboodle as I always intended to have 10 in the series, obviously this is not cast in stone and if I find a wonderful animal such as a Magpie I will do another but I am not going to actively search for animals. My next project is going to be very deeply rooted in the idea of the reliquary and I am very excited about working with a small bird skeleton found within the walls of my bathroom 🙂

gordi1-Recovered copysmalldetail