Autumn Woodpecker


wood detail small

A little bit of Autumn for you. At last another piece finished! It has taken over two months, through little boy illness, half term, a broken laptop and starting all over again when I realised I hated the first version.

It is made up of the usual Autumnal fare, acorns, conkers, leaves and berries galore. The lichen covered twigs make reference to immortality and the sycamore seed, which if you look really close is bursting in to life symbolises new beginnings.

I think it is a suitable memorial to the beautiful young Green Woodpecker found by the side of the road.

Things have moved on a little with the confirmation that I will be exhibiting in an exhibition called the New Immortals in the Phoenix gallery in Brighton early next year, which looks like a very exciting prospect. I will receive some money to cover printing and transport as well (pinch me I actually get paid rather than me paying someone)

I am also on the shortlist for the Zealous x festival which takes place in Dulwich, London, also early next year. I`ve made it to the last 45 now fingers crossed I make it to the last 15! It would be great to exhibit with Zealous as not only do you get a percentage of the door takings (about £250, yes more paying me not me paying them) but also the gallery I dream of representing me is just down the road from the venue and surely the owner would have to pop in to take a look haha 🙂