Norfolk Deer



Yay I have finally finished another animal in the series that I am happy with! The Badger is just not working at the moment and it still needs a lot of work to make me happy with it but the Deer has pretty much worked out first time. It has been hard though, almost mind boggling.

This poor deer was found beside the road near where my mother lives in Norfolk. It was really hard to take this image as I could smell it immediately (such a horrible smell which I am encountering more and more)  I was someway from the body and the walk there as always was stomach knotting to be honest. From the smell I was expecting something really horrendous (but you can’t turn down the opportunity of a deer!) It was pretty grim from the side I approached, one of it’s front legs had been gnawed or broken off and his tail was gone, I could not see his head and thought it was missing so I ran away!

When we drove past the body though I realised it was fully intact and in much better condition from the other side (there was no way I was stepping over it to have found this out)

So here we have my poor beautiful deer with it`s tiny antlers and sad eyes…

In the border I have tried to capture the landscape of the fens, the dark soil, the rapeseed, the blue sky and the trees, all made up of the things found around the area (apart from the spider which I  accidentally drowned in the bath. I thought the image looked a little like a spider web and I liked the connotations)

I hope you like it and I hope I have made a fitting tribute to such a beautiful animal.