Have no name for this one yet…


Half way through my new fishy Kit and Caboodle I got side tracked. I put a Kingfishers head on another birds body (no idea what bird, terrible I know but I will find out) The original birds were from photographs I had taken of taxidermy in the Beaney, Canterbury.

The image still works in some levels with the fox and the bird but is perhaps a little more accessible. Dare I say it is a little more cheery, although obviously it is still a load of dead animals just reanimated twice over.

There are three composite bugs; a snail with dragonflies wings held on with pins, a bee with butterfly wings labelled with the number 40 (taken from the labelling system of the cabinet it was in) which can symbolize the death with oneself and the spiritual rebirth (all very appropriate in the whole Kit and Caboodle scheme of things) and a moth with a beetles head and a dragon fly nymph`s body with a teeny weeny ladybird pinned to it`s wing. Why? Not sure.

There are also six images of carnations slowly decomposing from my Plant Hunter series, each taken 2 days apart over a two week period. Obvious connotations there as well of the symbolism of death. The whole image is layered and dripping in that symbolism but I think it is quite nice to look at too maybe 🙂

The recurring rings of flowers do strange optical illusionary things to yours eyes which is something else I might like to explore, it seems to curve outward towards the viewer.

I`m moving on to skulls next once I do actually finish my sea image, which should be interesting!