What better way to spend a wet and windy day than revisiting and reworking. I decided that I was just not happy with some of my images in Kit and Caboodle, in particular `Artificial flowers left on memorial benches in Minster on the Isle of Sheppey `

The flowers struck me as interesting when I visited last summer and in that typical strange way photographer`s have, I took photographs of them, in some way I suppose I collected them. I had no idea what I was going to use them for. The concept just fascinated me, each little card next to faded artificial flowers, taped or cable tied to each bench along the length of Minster Beach, all dedicated to the dead.

My first collage (below) seems a little bland perhaps, apart from the kaleidoscope of faded pinks it did not do the concept justice. I thought about perhaps using some of the little cards but that seemed like slapping people in the face with concept!

I decided on volume and a cornucopia of lavishness like a Persian carpet. The process was less constrained than some other images in Kit and Caboodle (not actually sure I like that name for the series any more either as the project grows it feels to fit less and less)

I do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water but I am trying to re evaluate my portfolio with a more discerning eye. If I am not truly happy with it I will do it again. A New Year and a new start or at least a reworking 🙂