E for Echinacea


I am intent on finishing Plant Hunter. It has come to trying to grow certain flowers myself! Problem is my garden is very shady and to be honest I am not great with flowers. I started growing Zinnias and I managed a very leggy specimen but because of the unseasonal warm weather in October it produced two buds very much to my surprise! That plant is now sitting on my  bathroom windowsill being fed and pampered trying to get it to bloom but i`m not holding out too much hope… There is a Nasturtium sat next to it which has also somehow survived but it has no buds, stupidly I grew it with the intentions to use the flowers then just completely did`nt do it so I am now keeping my fingers crossed, you never know.

This Echinacea was cheekily picked in the Olympic Park and carried carefully home in a kinder surprise egg and it survived beautifully. 20 down 6 to go although I am really struggling with an X to be honest 🙂