Harry Ramsden`s and attacking seagulls


This image looks predominately an easy shot but putting the elements together was time consuming, expensive and frankly scary at one point! In a similar vein as the rest of this series this photograph is based on a painting by Cindy Wright of an eel in a bowl. I thought cunningly I would twist the concept using Harry Ramsdens as my starting point. In the past I have used Mcdonalds, KFC, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Greggs bakery all in images emulating Still life`s famous and maybe not so.

To piece together this homage I had to source a glass bowl which I did but not fluted like the original (apparently only an American thing but did`nt trust the postage on a glass bowl) I have wriggle room for some artistic licence though so next I needed to visit a Harry Ramsdens. What a strange trip that was to a retail outlet centre to eat fish and chips for two to only realise the fish had no scales! I paid £16.00 for a piece of pretend newspaper basically with the Harry Ramsdens logo on it(which is so subtle in the final image you would be hard pressed to find it) while making myself look strange stuffing my bag full of greasy paper as subtly as I could.

So now I needed fish, more artistic licence these are not Harry Ramsden`s official pieces of fish! A trip to Hastings was on the cards perfect opportunity for more fish and chips (not harry`s though)We buy the fish sit on the beach eating it all, lovely. I start gently wrapping my pieces of fish skin up in paper, the sea gull population has been growing silently or not so silently around us. I go to stand up the sea gulls go crazy, I start walking down the beach the sea gulls start dive bombing me, I start running down the beach the sea gulls follow me, I start screaming and running down the beach bloody terrified while the rest of my family sits watching and laughing!

As I say a simple image…