Q for Queen Anne`s Lace + D for Daffodil

queen annes lace donesmall

I realised I have been doing this project for five months and only have 11 images and some of them I am not happy with. I sometimes have my doubts about the whole concept and wonder why I keep going. Having gone so far down this road I can`t stop now. I have`nt had any real feedback about this series as yet as I don`t feel like I can ask someone`s opinion till it`s finished, so for now I just have to go with my gut that when it`s completed it will make a certain sense and be interesting. The fact that I do keep going and that it is holding my interest gives me hope i`m just not wasting my time (alot of it) it is however such a time swallowing process I imagine it will take another 5 or 6 months to finish, so I will just have to keep going. I do love how these flowers turned out though and it continually fascinates me how each flower acts differently and the twists and turns each image takes.

daffodil fisnised 2small