Beresford`s lost villages

village mereworth 2 small

This shoot was by no means straight forward. The first visit ended in disaster when my camera ran out of charge before I had even taken my first shot. Standing in the dark alone in a graveyard stupidly spooked me I kept thinking I saw light and movement, so on my return visit I dragged my husband along. Then began the issues of photographing in the pitch black.  I was stupidly unprepared as I usually am at the beginning of a project. To be honest in the end I was blindly pointing my camera in to the darkness hoping the camera would focus on something, then turning it to manual and photographing what ever it had focused on, literally a shot in the dark! Strangely I actually quite like this as it took control of framing completely out of my hands not very professional but an interesting concept. This graveyard in Mereworth is the site of another lost village. There is the tale of a rich landowner who moved the whole village so he could`nt see it from his newly built home, whether this is why it is on Beresford`s list or not I will have to confirm, seems a bit recent to me though. For a complete fluke of a shot I am relatively happy with what the camera chose to shoot so I may or may not return a bit more prepared but as I rarely return as part of my practice (I do not like to lose my initial impression) I doubt it and to be honest I`m not a fan of a graveyard a night even with my husband.