H is for Hydrangea Day 1

flowers small

I have not been taking many photo`s recently as exhibiting at the Saatchi seems to have had a freezing effect on me for some reason. Now it is over I am eager to get started again as the whole event has put a lot of things into perspective for me. I now know more than ever how much I have to learn and develop. I think possibly  I was not quite ready to go up against quite so many other artists as it left me feeling overwhelmed and very insignificant. Not a great state of mind to be in at this very early point of my practice but even though however briefly I felt like just stopping and giving in (stupid I know) I am just going to throw myself back into the work as this is what it all comes down to really, I love photography and I do it for myself not for some mythical golden recognition that may never come. So here is `H for Hydrangea Day 1` I like the delicate tones and I am keen to see how the successive days of layering will work it`s good to be working again 🙂