Stunned, Overwhelmed and a little bit Scared.

Deadmans lanesmall

I can not contain myself I received a wonderful email this morning which has left me both hugely honoured and terrified in equal measure. Here is the email

Hi Fleur,

l saw that you were following me on Twitter and looked up your work and l really like what you do. It is absolutely superb. l wonder if l might mention my photographic project to you, althought you may already know about it?
Basically my story is that I am 62 and have taken early retirement due to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I have always been interested in photography and since I retired 7 years ago, I have had my photograph taken by several photographers mostly professional but some student and amateur. So, I have no need for professional photographs but I would like to continue on the path of being photographed during the course of my illness by different people. l have now been photographed by over 250 photographers including Rankin, Vanessa Winship, Harry Borden and Pal Hansen. l would be honoured if you would like to photograph me.
However, as I no longer work, I cannot afford to pay, so if that is a problem, I would quite understand as l do not wish to take advantage of you.
l am happy to pose nude or clothed, whichever you prefer. I am fit and able to travel. l live in Brighton. l realise that landscape photography is more your thing but l would love to be in one of those landscapes.
l do hope that you are interested but, if not, thanks for taking the time to read this.
Kind regards,
It is quite overwhelming to be honest you can read the complete story here on his blog or watch the Culture show feature here
How am I going to do justice to this amazing man and all the great photographers who have come before me? As I have said I am slightly terrified but hugely hugely honoured even to have received the email!

We shall see 🙂