Deadmans Lane


Deadmans lanesmall

Deadmans lane was a strange one. It is supposedly where they buried plague victims and French Soldiers. It is a tiny little one way lane with close woods each side and few houses. To be honest walking into that little dark lane actually did spook me a little bit. There was a rookery in the woods and the noise was horrendous and frankly terrifying in that atmosphere. It was odd because there was a lot of traffic and perhaps not a location thought of as spooky normally but it had a strange ominous oppressive feeling.

It was difficult to find a shot incorporating a long exposure, no clouds, no moving water not even much wind to move the trees. To be honest the image I have was an accident, a happy one, but an accident never the less (which to be honest happens a lot in my work) As I said there was a lot of traffic and this shot has a car driving through it. The movement of the moving car is happily slightly eerie. I chose this shot because the gate post reminded me of gravestones and cemeteries. It`s a new favorite I think!