Deadmans Lane


Deadmans lanesmall

Deadmans lane was a strange one. It is supposedly where they buried plague victims and French Soldiers. It is a tiny little one way lane with close woods each side and few houses. To be honest walking into that little dark lane actually did spook me a little bit. There was a rookery in the woods and the noise was horrendous and frankly terrifying in that atmosphere. It was odd because there was a lot of traffic and you just would`nt think spooky normally but it flipping well was! It was difficult as usual to find some image using long exposure, no clouds, no moving water not even much wind to move the trees. To be honest the image I have was an accident, a happy one, but an accident (which to be honest happens alot in my work) As I said there was a lot of traffic and this shot has a car driving through it so great movement haha slightly eerie too. I chose this shot because the gate post reminded me of gravestones and cemeteries. It`s a new favourite I think!