Screaming Woods and unexplained orbs…

screaming woods

Screaming Woods is in Pluckley, Kent. It`s real name is Dering Woods but it has the ominous nickname due to it`s many spectral disturbances. Pluckley is reputedly the most haunted village in England and is in the Guinness book of Records as such. There is  supposedly a highwayman who was hung in chains to die there and other such going ons!  Obviously I only went there because of it`s name and the interesting history. I went with no preconceptions as I would on any other shoot as to what I might find. I was a teensy bit hyper aware because of the stories but I happily, well sort of happily, marched in and took some photographs. I had a strange feeling but I just thought that was as it always was because of what I know about a place ( little did I know) We met some people, listened to Nightingales and  found the remnants of what was probably people ghost hunting over night, the fire was still smouldering. There was a brightly coloured tent hanging in a tree, abandoned, blowing gently in the wind, perfect for a shot in long exposure.  It was quite uneventful really until I went to edit the images, this is when my daughter discovered a strange orb on an image she had taken of a Rhododendron.


To be honest I was not sure what it was but dismissed it as some light anomaly maybe, but when I returned home and looked at my images on a monitor it became apparent that maybe we had captured something, what, I really do not know! Below is a close up of a small light that I captured in two of my long exposure shots in close up.

screaming woodssmallcrop

 Screaming Woods orbsmallorb

The image below is one of the original images so you can see how bright the light is(it is on the right hand side between two tree trunks not easy to see this size)

Screaming Woods orbsmall

O.k still you maybe able to talk away these lights, light shining on something (even though they are round and in different places) but then out of curiosity we looked at my daughters other images on the monitor and saw these! The  light streaks up in the right hand corner and right hand edge.

Kate orb1

kate orb

I probably am half and half about the existence of ghosts I feel I may have seen one perhaps in my life maybe two, but at heart I think I knew it was really nothing to be honest. One or two or even three images could be explained away but 5 images all in different places taken with different cameras. I just do not know.

I seem to have left the brief somewhat for `Namesake` but maybe there is a new project in this, haunted locations an exploration of myself as well as a history and a folklore.