Witches Wood



witches woodsmall

I`ve had a struggle to get to any locations to shoot `Namesake` recently so chose a spot very close to home. I actually have no idea why Witches Wood is called Witches Wood, research has drawn a blank as it is prone to do sometimes. This makes the name even more intriguing was there a witch around and about?  There is quite a creepy looking house very near by!

The woods are privately owned so the shoot was from a distance but I like that, a lot of Namesake is from a distance it leaves room for interpretation. The Rapeseed is in full bloom (unfortunately I suffer hay fever so I took pictures through streaming eyes) but the motion of the flowers in the wind reminded me of the ocean and I really like the movement in the image. Whether it fits with the rest of Namesake is a hard one as the yellow may just be too vivid will have to see how it settles in the group!