The empty spaces of the `Namesake` project  leave room  for the viewer to complete the story. The images seem tranquil and peaceful until you read the titles informing you of the various violent events that took place in each location. The question of our memory, associations and understanding of the landscape become fraught with misreading. These landscape become a motif for a history and an interpretation of that history. There is little or no evidence of the happenings today but there is a natural tendency to search for any links when documenting the spaces, trees become armies and mounds become graves. The naming of these locations after events, speaks of folklore and a narrative passed down through centuries to become concrete.  They tell of stories passed into the collective consciousness.

 a project small1 Deadmans Island

Deadmans Island  is the site of a mass grave, prisoners were kept in Hulks on the Thames Estuary and when they died they were buried on Deadmans Island. The bones of Napoleonic prisoners as well as Cholera victims are supposedly lying on the shore.

bloody mountain new blog

Bloody Mountain is possibly the site of a Roman versus Saxon battlefield, a school playing field today but reputedly still haunted by Roman soldiers on misty nights.

bw deadmans point

Deadman`s Point is close to Deadman`s Bay and is the site of a Roman burial ground which is now the site of a caravan park.

blood point submission

Blood Point was the scene of King Alfred`s famous defeat of a Viking invasion force.

deadmans bay submission

Deadman`s Bay is were the drowned bodies from the Thames estuary are found due to tidal currents. There are also two separate reports of strange fish like people which have also been washed up.

witches woodsmall

Witches Wood (unknown)

horrid hill new submission

Horrid Hill is so called because when prisoners tried to escape from the Hulks they swam for this hill as it is higher ground than elsewhere, unfortunately when they were caught they were also hung there.

lucifer bridge crop new submission

Lucifer Bridge (unknown)

slayhill marshes new submission

Slayhill Marshes was most likely the site of a battle before the marshes were formed.

burial ground lane 1small

Burial Ground Lane is probably the site of a Viking or Saxon burial ground 

a project small Slaughterhouse point

Slaughterhouse Point is thought to be a place the Romans sacrificed to the sea gods.

gallows hill poss

Gallows Hill 1 is the site of a former Gallows and an eerie place. The image is of the ancient track way the prisoners were possibly led to their deaths through.

scars elbow1web

Scars Elbow (unknown)

gallows hill1small

Gallows Hill 2 Site of Gallows and Witch burnings