Gallows Hill, Witches and Hangings


gallows hill1small

Gallows hill penendensmall

Gallows Hill is on the edge of Penenden Heath . Penenden Heath was the meeting and mote point in Kent as it is in the very centre of the county. The word Penenden derives from the Saxon word for`punish` and this area has been used for execution and trails for hundreds of years. There is a lot of history about this location including Witch burnings, infamous trails and battles.  There was also a Gallows Wood and a Hangman`s Lane in the same location but today the whole place has been built over. There where three trees apparently at the top of Gallows Hill which where used for executions I looked but could find no trees old enough unfortunately. It was a struggle to find anything vaguely interesting and difficult to belief that this area is so seeped in history as there is no visible evidence or sense of it at all!

Wandering around I choose a few spots, one image seemed to mirror the hidden history of the place and the second photograph was the greenest area which was just a very small tract of overgrowth in the location which had previously been Gallows wood. The tree was the oldest tree I could find and had interesting twisted limbs, I find the Black and white version quite interesting, it strikes me sinister somehow.