Bloody Mountain

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Bloody Mountain was surprisingly easy to find considering the only reference I had was a picture of some steps and vague directions but we found the steps easily, walked up them (really steep and loads of them) and there it was. A school playing field supposedly the site of a Roman and Saxon battlefield which is reputedly still haunted by Roman soldiers on misty nights, my first reported haunted location. The view was spectacular and you could see why the Saxon`s would have made a stand at this point easily defended and all that. The shoot was quite uneventful to be honest went like a dream no questions or abuse actually no one at all really. The sky was perfect with the fluffy clouds and that is my favourite part of this image in fact. I really like how the cloud at the top was moving faster than the ones farther away for some reason. I took two similar images the one below shows a little more of the detail of the location but I prefer the minimal. I think the trees remind me perhaps for obvious reasons of a Roman formation of soldiers marching down upon their enemy.

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