Blood Point

blood point submission

Blood Point was the scene of King Alfred`s famous defeat of a Viking invasion force. It is the first shoot for the `Namesake` project for quite awhile. As Spring has actually sprung the weather conditions where very different to the previous images.  The day was sunny with little fluffy clouds, not overcast and grey. As there is`nt much I can do about this having only a limited time to do the shot, I was a little worried how this image would work within the series. However when I colour matched this image with the others in the project I got this wonderful warm but slightly sinister feeling. I am very happy with the result and have decided I like the variety it brings and hope to get some more similar photographs in the future. The branch overhanging the stream seems a particular sinister element of the composition almost like a claw. It was once again a strange place flat and full of wildlife, a snake was spotted as well as a dead swan and a bloated dead sheep floating in the river. Perhaps fitting for the site of a former battleground.