Gallows Hill

gallows hill poss

The weather was appalling but as I only have small windows of opportunity to shoot I had to try visiting three locations. Malice Wood, Gallows Hill and Deadman Wood. Gallows hill was the most successful as it stopped raining briefly and the sun actually shone! This place was creepy knowing what we knew you could almost mark the spot where people were hung. There was a clearing at the top of the hill covered with moss and strange markings (possible remnants of gallows?) In the middle of the clearing was one small spot of snowdrops. It got me thinking about those that had died here and what they had done to be hung. This project is about how knowing the name of a place can effect your reading of it, Gallows hill is a good example of this process if I had`nt have known it`s sinister history would it have felt the same? Is your reading of the image above different knowing the origins of the place? This path is more than likely the route the condemned walked, it was deeply cut indicating it was an ancient roadway but was now barred by a huge sign saying `Private Keep Out`

bw gallows hill1.