Deadmans Bay and Deadmans Point

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Mothers day involved visiting Canvey Island. It was cold, more snow forecast and I was sure it was going to be uninspiring and built up. I wanted to document Deadman`s Bay known today as Thorny Bay for obvious reasons and Deadman`s Point.

Contrary to expectations the area was unusual, interesting and strangely beautiful like many of the other places I have visited. Perhaps on a sunny day it would be different but the light was low and overcast exaggerating the strangeness.

Deadman`s bay has a ominous history due to tidal currents numerous bodies have been and possible still are washed up on it`s shore. There is also a folk lore that two fishlike creatures with legs have been found on two separate occasions. There is a tiny museum close to bay unfortunately it was closed on Sundays but I will go back and see it one day.

Deadman`s point not more than 200 yards away however is named for an entirely different reason. It is a Roman Burial site that is now the home of a holiday caravan park, not sure it`s somewhere i`d want to stay knowing all the history of that area.

The shoot itself was once again eventful due to the strange geography of the place. There were many slippery rocks to climb over and a mad man shouting “everyone loves to visit the seaside”

deadmans bay web