Lucifer Bridge

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Awaiting Twilight Upon Lucifer Bridge

Slowly the river flows
Steadily moving forwards
Towards unknown destinations
And expectations.
Fish of Dagon cause ripples
Which induce disturbances
Like those of my mind
As I first look up stream
And then down.
Lush green trees
Swoop like the curve
Of Angel’s wings
Down to the water’s surface
Sometimes breaking the stillness
Of the moment.
Bird song and cry
Pierce the dusky haze
Preceding darkness,
A song of sorrow maybe?
Like that of an infant motherless
We await twilight upon Lucifer Bridge.
At the chosen moment they come
From their grazing pastures
The Nephilim!
Standing, floating amid the mist on the river.
What has thy forsaken to be here
At this crepuscular hour?
A fleeting vision of beauty
Unfolds to that of sorrow,
As the angels retreat
I peruse the scene
Now lost in the moment forever
Within the darkness of
Lucifer Bridge

By Alex Langstone

This is the first shoot of a place not in the marshes not sure it fits with others or not! Lucifer Bridge was an interesting prospect as there is a poem about it. I know there is a reason it is named Lucifer I just don`t` know why yet. It was an eventful visit if not very successful. There were woodpeckers and people swearing at me! It was very busy but there was still a strange atmosphere I only got the shot above of the bridge (taking this shot was when I was sworn at) the photograph below was of a reservoir a few yards away which i`m not that happy with either but you have to take the bad with the good and it is all a learning experience.

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